March 5, 2023

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Welcome to this week's newsletter! Get ready to explore the essence of NYC with a focus on Greenwich Village. In this edition, we take a look at the neighborhood's iconic brownstone with actor John Leguizamo, A24's acquisition of the Cherry Lane Theatre, and the opening of a new local food haven. We also celebrate the best of Greenwich Village with nominations for the 2023 Village Awards and explore its rich cultural history with reading recommendations and a journey through Edward Hopper's inspirations. Don't miss out on fascinating articles about De La Soul's Greenwich Village roots, the rise of protest music in the area, and the impact of Greenwich Village on LGBTQ history. Stay tuned for more interesting content on the gentrification of the neighborhood, celebrating small businesses, and more. Happy reading!

🍔 Food & Restaurants

Jollibee and Pop-Up Grocer Expand to Queens and Greenwich Village in New York

Jollibee has reportedly signed a lease for a new location in Elmhurst, Queens, next to the Queens Center Mall, which will be its fifth location in the New York area, while Pop-Up Grocer, a "traveling grocery store," will open a long-term location in Greenwich Village featuring a rotating menu of products, including coffee from Emma Chamberlain, starting March 3.

Gotham Restaurant in Greenwich Village Creates Chic Book Nook for Literary Loving Diners

Gotham restaurant in Greenwich Village has created a book nook in its bar, complete with a showpiece 8' x 9' bookcase inspired by the neighborhood's street grid, which holds hundreds of hardcovers and paperbacks donated by locals, including works by patrons and authors such as F. Murray Abraham, Alafair Burke, and Sophie Flack. The cozy and welcoming space offers drinkers and diners a chance to peacefully browse a wide range of titles amid colorful leather couches, cylindrical coffee tables, and literary events.

Greenwich Village's newest local food haven: A permanent pop-up grocer showcasing independent producers and startups

A Greenwich Village pop-up grocer, known for showcasing small food companies and start-ups, is now a permanent fixture in the area. The shop offers a selection of quality food products from independent producers, while also boasting a coffee bar and rotating roster of suppliers for customers to enjoy.

🏠 Real Estate

Inside Actor John Leguizamo's Incredible Greenwich Village Brownstone with Eclectic Design and Heirloom Antiques

Actor John Leguizamo and his wife, Justine, have transformed their mid-1800s New York City brownstone in Greenwich Village into an eclectic home filled with antiques collected to be passed on through generations. Collaborating with renowned design creatives over time, the couple prioritizes maintaining the beauty and structure of the building while also creating a cozy and livable atmosphere.

Greenwich Village's Cherry Lane Theatre Bought by A24 as Incentra Village House Goes Up for Sale


The Cherry Lane Theatre, the oldest continuously running Off-Broadway theatre in New York City, has been bought by film studio A24 for $10 million. Meanwhile, the historic Incentra Village House, one of the first hotels in NYC located in the Greenwich Village Historic District, has been put up for sale by its current owners.

📜 History

Greenwich Village's Most Influential Women: Celebrating Women's History Month with a Public Vote

In honor of Women's History Month, a list of 70 impactful women who left a mark in the fields of politics, music, literature, and more in Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo has been compiled. The public is invited to vote for their top 10 picks to determine the 25 most influential women.

👩‍🎓 Education

Exploring the Essence of NYC: A Must-Read Book Set in Greenwich Village

McNally Jackson bookstore has compiled a list of 10 books that they believe every New Yorker should read, covering subjects from Manhattan's early beginnings to the secrets of a 1920s Wall Street tycoon. Included is a novel set primarily in Greenwich Village and Harlem that deals with addiction, loss, queer love, race, and place.

🎸 Music & Concerts

De La Soul's Greenwich Village Roots Finally Sprout on Digital Platforms

De La Soul's first six albums have finally been released on digital streaming platforms after a long-standing dispute with their label, Tommy Boy Records, which delayed the group's music being available to new generations. The trio, who were associated with Greenwich Village's poetry and folk scene, had a uniquely whimsical approach to music that reflected Bob Kaufman's absurdism and anti-establishment ethos.

Radical New Age Pioneer: The Greenwich Village Roots of Laraaji's Experimental Music

Laraaji, the pianist turned Autoharp genius, has released over 50 albums and is set to turn eighty this year, still working and spreading laughter and joy through his music which combines mysticism and Eastern philosophy with experimental sounds. His music, described as radical New Age, was born in Greenwich Village, New York City, and Numera Group have released some of his earliest work, which has an almost extraterrestrial sound.

From Greenwich Village to Mainstream America: The Disco Phenomenon of Village People

French producers Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo, along with American actor Victor Willis, formed the disco group Village People in 1977. Named after New York's Greenwich Village, the group embraced an unrepentantly gay identity and wrote catchy songs, becoming a part of mainstream American culture with their album Macho Man.

Bob Dylan and the Rise of Protest Music in Greenwich Village

Bob Dylan arrived in Greenwich Village in 1961 and quickly became part of the left-inclined folk music scene, surrounded by highly political people who tried to influence his thinking. His breakthrough album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, released in 1963, included classic protest songs that would become part of his counterculture icon status.

🌲 Random

😎 Entertainment

Greenwich Village's Influence on Groundbreaking Police Shows: From Barney Miller to Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was heavily inspired by the forgotten 70s sitcom Barney Miller, which was praised for its realistic portrayal of police work and workplace comedy focused on lovable, quirky characters in a Greenwich Village police precinct. Both shows leaned into the mundane monotony of policing, but Barney Miller was closer to reality and addressed the failures of contemporary policing more directly.

Ava Monroe McIntosh Set to Debut Album in Greenwich Village Amidst Mother's GMA3 Departure

Amy Robach's daughter, Ava Monroe McIntosh, has announced her debut album, "A Place to Come Home To," which she will debut at The Bitter End in New York's Greenwich Village, amidst her mother's departure from ABC's GMA3 following a publicized relationship with her co-star, T.J. Holmes. The 20-year-old aspiring musician has been keeping a low profile on social media but is now preparing to release her album with the help of friends and supporters.

🎭 Performing Arts

NEWSical the Musical Returns to Greenwich Village Roots for Fundraiser Performance at AMT Theatre

Off-Broadway musical comedy sketch show NEWSical the Musical, which covers current events, will be revived at the AMT Theatre from March 19. The show, which started as a Greenwich Village cabaret in 2002 and closed its decade-long run in 2019, will benefit non-profit the Entertainment Community Fund, with 50% of net proceeds going to support professionals across the entertainment industry.

📖 Books & Reading

Greenwich Village and the Stories of Black History: Reading Recommendations from Professor Wallace Best

Professor Wallace Best recommends three books on Black history, including Marcy S. Sacks' Before Harlem, which looks at the foundations of Black Harlem as far back as the 1880s, and Jeffrey C. Stewart's The New Negro, a comprehensive biography of Alain Locke and his impact on the Harlem Renaissance. He also recommends The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris, a novel about two formerly enslaved brothers navigating their new world of freedom in the post-Civil War South, with a focus on the hardships and hardships faced by both Black and white people in places like Greenwich Village.

🖼️ Art

Alice Neel's Greenwich Village: portraits of writers, activists, and celebrities from the 1920s to the 1980s

The retrospective of American artist Alice Neel at London’s Barbican Centre highlights her portraits of writers, activists, friends and celebrities from the 1920s to the 1980s, and her exploration of the social and economic landscape of the time. Notable paintings include her figurative portrait of the downtown poet Kenneth Fearing from the 1930s, captured in front of a chaotic New York backdrop, as well as her depictions of friends and acquaintances in poverty in Harlem during the 1940s, and her later portraits of celebrities such as beat poet Frank O’Hara, who sat for her in 1960, helping to grow her audience beyond Greenwich Village.

Exploring Edward Hopper's Greenwich Village: A Journey Through The Master Painter's Inspirations.

Edward Hopper's longtime home and studio in Greenwich Village, at 3 Washington Square North, served as a constant source of inspiration for his art. The neighborhood and its surrounding areas can be seen in many of Hopper's works, which are on display at the Whitney Museum's exhibition, Edward Hopper's New York, until March 5th, 2023.

Greenwich Village Bookworm: Meet the Branch Manager Preserving the History of the Iconic Jefferson Market Library

Frank Collerius, the branch manager of the iconic Jefferson Market Library in Greenwich Village, has been working there for 23 years and oversees a collection of books on the history of the village, including rare and hard-to-find books. He encourages people to switch from reading digital books to physical books, emphasizing the benefits of having a book to read without disruption and interference from text messages.

Greenwich Village Artist's Work Sells for $1,625 at Mid-Hudson Auction Galleries' Collection of Antiques and Musical Instruments Including Rare Fender Guitar

Mid-Hudson Auction Galleries offered a collection of antique sterling silver, works of art, bronzes, jewelry, and musical instruments that included a rare 1958 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. The sale's top highlights also included an oil on board New York City street scene by Greenwich Village artist Alfred Mira, which went for $1,625.

🤔 Opinion

Uncovering Queer History Excluded from Mainstream Narratives: A Conversation with Hugh Ryan on Greenwich Village's Impact.

Writer and curator Hugh Ryan is working to unearth and preserve lost queer history that has been excluded from mainstream narratives, including in his books When Brooklyn Was Queer and The Women's House of Detention. Ryan discusses in a podcast with Current Affairs editor Nathan J. Robinson how queer identity has evolved over time, and how the lack of recognition in historical narratives has impacted the queer community.

Gentrification in Greenwich Village: NYU's Responsibility and Education for Students

NYU's newest building at 181 Mercer St. has brought attention to the university's role in gentrifying Greenwich Village, with its major presence contributing to rising rent and property values, and alterations to the neighborhood's culture. There is a need for NYU to educate students about the impact they have in perpetuating gentrification and provide resources for them to explore and respect the city they occupy, such as hosting educational outings to all five boroughs and incentivizing students to become consumers of a wider variety of locations instead of chains or corporations that displace local businesses.

🚔 Public Safety

Greenwich Village VIP Lounge Testimony Key in Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Civil Trial for Alleged Rape


Cuba Gooding Jr.'s lawyers plan to argue in a civil trial in June that the sex with the accuser was consensual, relying on testimony from two former restaurant owners where she met the actor in the VIP lounge in Greenwich Village, who will say she returned late that evening to boast that she had sex with a celebrity. The woman, identified only as Jane Doe in court documents, accused the Oscar-winning actor of raping her in his room at Manhattan's Mercer hotel in 2013, and is seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $4 million in punitive damages.

Moped Thieves Strike Greenwich Village: Apple AirPods Max Stolen from Pedestrians

Thieves on mopeds have been snatching Apple AirPods Max from the heads of pedestrians in New York City, with at least 21 incidents reported between January and February. The crooks, who operate in pairs on red and black mopeds, have covered a huge swathe of the city, from Morningside Heights to Tribeca, taking headphones from both men and women in areas including Greenwich Village.

📰 In Other News

Persevering Through the Years: Celebrating the Successes of Greenwich Village's Small Businesses

Throughout the years, Greenwich Village has seen many small, independent businesses close down which led to the creation of the Business of the Month program in 2014, which celebrates 100 successful businesses that have persevered despite the numerous challenges they faced including economic recession, development threats, rent increases, and the pandemic. Help support small businesses by nominating your favorite store in Greenwich Village, East Village or NoHo.

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